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Our Good Sort, Cliff Morgan

Have you had the pleasure of meeting one of our salespeople Cliff Morgan yet?  If not let me introduce you to him, our Good Sort of The Month winner.


Originating from the magical country of Scotland, (however we haven’t seen a kilt yet), Cliff immigrated to Aotearoa to settle where "there are no poisonous beasties and it’s the best place to bring up a family".


To sum Cliff up in five words or less, we’d say ‘Family Man’ and rather appropriately ‘Good Sort’.  Known as the guy around the office who is always willing to help others, Cliff came back to Taupō in 2016 after four years of real estate in Auckland.  Therefore, it was no surprise to me when I asked Cliff, “What do you love about your job”?   Answering without hesitation Cliff replied enthusiastically “I LOVE helping people.  I’m service orientated and that’s the part of the job that I enjoy the most.”  Adding promptly after “I also like that it’s flexible so I can be available to attend the important events with my growing young boys”.  Cliff understands the needs of his clients - that they too have busy lives and is happy to work around that.


Family being his main reason that drives Cliff to succeed, he considers his business to be a family affair; wife Nikki, his Personal Assistant Extraordinaire (a vivacious woman, with the voice of Dolly Parton in a tiny package of less than 5 foot high), their boys Issac and Noah to help with flyers and signage and daughter Eilidh to keep them updated with the latest technology.  His goal for 2017 is to take the family back home to Scotland for a holiday. 


I questioned Cliff as to why he chose Harcourts Taupō to work with when he moved from Auckland to Taupō  - he replied with two reasons:  “I had had a chat to Austin (one of our Business owners) and considered him to be genuine guy, but I also did my research. I attended several open homes run by different agents over various companies and Harcourts Taupō clearly stood out as the team I wanted to work with, with impressive presentations, knowledge, fun and sincerity”.  Of course!


With his catch-phrase ‘Telling it like it is’ you can trust Cliff to be a part of making some of the biggest decisions in your life with the selling or buying of your home.  We emphasise that Cliff has integrity and a self-less approach to all he does, always willing to give us a hand here at Harcourts Taupō in the office and within our community charitable events... overall a general GOOD SORT.  Thanks Cliff!


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Harcourts Angels

When you try to conjure up images in your head of an angel or two, these Harcourts agents are probably farthest from your mind, but angels they are! Lesley McNeil and Annette Cameron, two vivacious and passionate Sales Consultants by day are also hard working volunteers for Taupō’s Food Bank.


Lesley has been campaigning for the Food Bank for seven years co-ordinating the Harcourts Taupō Annual Food Bank Appeal which gathers food from our generous community and delivers t...o Taupō’s Community Food Bank for them to distribute to families in need. Her trusty side-kick Annette Cameron was quick to jump at the chance to help and the pair considers the 2016 event a roaring success!


With 15 vehicles forewarning the public with sirens, followed by 40 vehicles/ drivers for pickup and 40-ish runners, a ‘mammoth’ amount of food was generously given resulting in approximately ten tonne of non-perishable items. Lesley estimates that “it is equal to slightly more” than what was raised last year. Megan, Taupō Community Food Bank Co-ordinator for Awhina Society Inc., sent a message to Lesley stating she felt “humbled’. Well that gives us all warm fuzzies!


A special moment particularly for Annette was stopping to chat to one family followed by a hug that had been assisting in this year’s appeal who had previously been a family that had received donations however was now in a position where they were able to contribute and ‘give back’. Annette enthusiastically says “It is just a great example of how people have been in need but have moved on to improve their circumstances and are able to do a 180 degree turn around with a little charity and are able to give back to help others. It had a positive follow on effect”.


Harcourts Taupō is so very proud to be a part of this and sincerely thank all of those willing volunteers and our community for being so charitable!


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