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DIY Home Decor


Brrr, its cooling down in Taupo ... Keep yourselves warm with some winter projects. Have fun!  Click here for a PDF version

How's your Pallet?

Ask around and you will be surprised how easy it is to get your hands on free pallets to make customised homeware and furniture for both interior and exterior spaces. 

Click here for a PDF version


Drawer your attention

This month we were drawer-n to drawers!  Click here for the PDF version


We heart HEARTS!

Inspired by Valentines day, check out these  easy decorating ideas to give your home a feeling of love!  Click here to print a PDF version.



Craftanoons in Jar-nuary

What to do with your old Jars?   Spend the afternoon re-purposing jars to use as decorations around your home or garden areas!  Click here for PDF version