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Husk Halligan

Husk Halligan

Back to where it all began. Having spent several years away due to studies, sport, work and family commitments in Europe and France in particular, returning to an unpopulated peaceful paradise (The Southern Lakes) was an easy choice.


Fishing, hunting, walking or biking the many different riverside or bush tracks, plus rafting and swimming in either the river or lake was all part of a very rich upbringing which I am once again able to appreciate and enjoy. Let’s not leave out the snow skiing either!


Easily approachable, composed, hardworking, loyal and patient are part of a ‘skill set’ that has helped me achieve personal, professional and sporting achievements, and I intend to  call on these skills to achieve new goals in the Real Estate Industry.


Combining these skills with the Harcourts expertise and knowledge, their unrivalled team work and superior marketing and negotiation techniques will provide you with very powerful options when considering your next Real Estate project. Only the best will do…!



"Husk was enthusiastic and professional throughout the sales process with remarkable communication skills. A pleasure to deal with and a real credit to Harcourts. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an agreeable selling partnership."

John Robertson


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