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Rural/Lifestyle Team

Rural/Lifestyle Team

Tim Bland

I’m a country boy at heart, I enjoy the outdoors and I always have to get in a round of golf every week just to get a good dose of fresh air. I’m very passionate about real estate and I decided to extend myself as a salesperson, so I went on and became an auctioneer.

Negotiating comes very naturally to me so I believe this is a winning combination when selling property. I’ve always sold lifestyle properties along with residential, I have lots of friends that live in the Taupō countryside and have lived on Mapara Road myself for a few years, I certainly appreciate the benefits of country living. Rach joined the business alongside me a year ago and I very quickly knew this girl was going places, it’s great to have her by myside and I find that together we get things done but have a lot of fun along the way.

Our team work is impeccable, fast paced and goal orientated, we work hard at getting the very best results and don’t give up until we have achieved what we set out to do.

I am Tim Bland “The man with a plan” and I just get it! I get real estate! I get negotiating!
I get country living!



Rachel Thomas

I come from a long line of farmers so it’s safe to say I feel at home in my gumboots.

My grandparents were dairy farmers and then had a beef and sheep farm and they also grew kiwifruit, I had endless summer days on the farm with them eeling, building huts and getting the odd electric shock from the fences:

My parents had a lifestyle block in Te Puke for many years growing avocados, and a few sheep and beef stock, enough to keep the freezer full.  I truly appreciated the benefits of owning a lifestyle block as they had every type of fruit tree you could imagine along with the most amazing veggie garden, I always left after my visits with a carload of fresh produce and lamb chops.

It certainly is the good life and I can see why having your own slice of paradise is good for your soul.

People are attracted to country living for the very reason I have taken on Harcourts lifestyle Taupō, I get it! I get what it offers you and to me there is nothing better than country air and country living!